Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Marcos Pinn Factor E Reset Barbanza Freecode 2012

Marcos Pin Factor-E Reset: Barbanza 
Guitarist and composer Marcos Pin's seventh release Barbanza is an incredibly eclectic yet decidedly straight ahead offering with a twist of Spain smoldering just below the surface. In doing some due diligence on this release, I ran across a review on All About Jazz. While I may have looked at their blog less than a half dozen times since leaving as a contributor, I noticed their critic stated this could be readily considered an Iberian project. To stereotype this project simply because all the participants are from Spain would be like saying all musicians from Chicago play the blues. 

Granted the Iberian flavor runs just below the lyrical sense of forward motion this release creates the overall sound of the release is not easily defined which is a beautiful thing. The All About Jazz critic goes on to write the compositions readily reflect the feelings evoked by Pin's current homeland. With no reference to the compositions provided either on the release or in the standard press one sheet this type of conjecture is playing fast and loose with an artists work and subsequent opinion created for critical analysis - something their editor often warned me about.
I bring this up not to make a case against All About Jazz but to instead show that the disingenuous labeling of an artistic voice can be a dangerous if not highly inaccurate presentation for the casual listener.

"Sounds like..." is an inherently unfair artistic comparison and with that being said there is a fluidity in Pin's playing that combines world music with the form and function of the modern jazz performers here in the United States. Marcos Pin is as formidable an arranger as he is a performer and the group dynamic give the release the vibrant feel one might associate with an Iberian connection but on a more contemporary footing. "Bagueera's Dilemma" and the vibraphone work of Ton Risco create a delightful warmth and intimate charm that is indeed as inviting as it is beautiful. The contrasting tune "Escarabote's Blues" is a far more open ended and free form sonic exploratory that while distinctly segmented manages to pull the ensemble cast as well as this critic into a new and challenging world of a large ensemble walking the sonic tightrope between their own culture and the traditions perhaps inspired from some more western influences.  While I felt a slight disconnect with the cover art and the music there is very little to say on a critical basis when discussing this release.

A textured feast that hits both the visceral and cerebral senses hard and leaves one curious as to what may be in store in the future. Marcos Pin is a name to remember!

Track Listing: Bagueera's Dilemma; Moment's Notice; Bico De Mar; San Finx; Where Are They?; Noite De Sereas; Escarabote's Blues.

Personnel: Marcos Pin: guitar; Javier Pereiro “GD Jazz”: trumpet, flugelhorn; José Luis Miranda: trombone, euphonium; Pablo Castanho: alto saxophone, flute; Xosé Lois Miguelez: tenor saxophone; Toño Otero: tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone; Ton Risco: vibes; Manolo Gutiérrez: piano; Juansy Santomé: double bass; Max Gómez: drums.