Monday, May 13, 2013

Jason Miles Global Noize "Sly Reimagined" The Music of Sly and The Family Stone Zoho 2013

Attempting to cover music from the more popular genres of rhythm & blues and funk can be the equivalent of tap dancing in a musical minefield. Some artists and some tunes simply do not make the transition along the way and the best musicians in the world can only do so much without a producer that has the ability to hear past the sound and the vision to manipulate the original work into a more contemporary setting without mangling the originals or disrespecting those involved in the process.

Sly and The Family Stone laid down a righteous groove that challenged the hearts and minds of a generation be it socially, culturally or politically. Thanks to the keen insight and amazing ability of keyboard wizard and producer Jason Miles the arrangements brought forth on Global Noize make tunes that are at least 40-45 years old sound as fresh and vibrant today as the originals did upon their inception. Miles takes on eight classic Sly Stone tunes and while some might consider that an EP at best, less is indeed more when you have talent such as Nona Hendryx and Roberta Flack on vocals and one of the finest saxophonists working today in Jeff Coffin (Dave Matthews Band). Miles is a Grammy winner and for those that ever doubted his talent, Global Noize welcomes you to the land of rhythm and groove and is a true testament as to the importance of the right producer in the success of a project of this nature.

Roberta Flack turns in an exemplary performance on the classic "It's A Family Affair" while Nona Hendryx slays "The Same Thing." Both tunes have dual versions that are groove oriented funk nasty versions fast forwarded to the more progressive tastes of the 2013 audience. From horns to the rhythm of DJ Logic the ensemble casts assembled hits on all cylinders. Maya Azucena takes on two tunes with the most successful yet another Sly Stone classic, "You Can Make It If You Try" which has the infectious groove of classic P-Funk along with the inspired trumpet of Ingrid Jensen. Jason Miles is the sonic glue that binds these musicians together be it through keyboards or the ability to use programming for artistic effect as opposed to obvious filler there are simply no missed steps from Miles. 

You know the tunes and most of the musicians that put their heart and soul into the most eclectic of contemporary mixes and the transition is made complete with well arranged jazz sensibilities to make Global Noize an incredibly special release whether you were hip to Sly and The Family Stone of not. The crossover potential much like the overall enjoyment of this record is limitless!

Tracks: In Time; It's A Family Affair; Fun; The Same Thing; You Can Make It If You Try; Stand!; Thank You For Taking Me To Africa; It's A Family Affair; The Same Thing; Dreams.

Personnel: Jason Miles: keyboards, organ, synthesizers; DJ Logic: turntables; Nona Hendryx, Roberta Flack, Maya Azucena, James D. Train Williams, Maya Azucena, James D. Train Williams, Malika Zarra, Mike Mattison, Mudbone Cooper: vocals; Ingrid Jensen: trumpet; Jeff Coffin, Jay Rodriguez, Ron Holloway; saxophones; Dean Brown, Will Bernard: guitars; Amanda Ruzza: bass; Greg Errico: drums.