Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gansch & Breinschmid Live at Weiner Konzerthaus Preiser Records 2013

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the concert hall we find Gansch & Breinschmid Live at Wiener Konzerthaus. This dynamic duo featuring Thomas Gansch on trumpet and vocals and Georg Breinschmid on contrabass and vocals bailed on their classical studies to create a one of a kind mash up of of comedy, theatre and of course jazz. This is more of an experience then a traditional recording as tradition for Gansch & Breinschmid is slightly left of center as indicated by the Month Python inspired cover art.

Music and Monty Python makes for an incredibly entertaining evening but make no mistake that both Gansch & Breinschmid are serious musicians conquering the jazz and world music scene with an undeniable flair and outrageous presentation to engage the listener on levels they never imagined. Traditional jazz, world music, blues or pop oriented tunes, no sonic stone goes unturned with these two with the amazing feat of transferring this energy into a live performance captured on this incredible compact disc.

"5/4" is an intimate yet sweeping sound scape of percussive bass and melancholy trumpet. Each member can easily lay claim to virtuoso status with this ECM type performance. "Low n Green" pulls from a more blues infused Miles Davis vibe as Gansch turns in a magnificent solo performance thanks to the nuances of flavor brought forth by Breinschmid. A more humorous bent is brought forth with the closing medley of "Blue Danube / Can't Buy Me Love / Something Stupid / Tea For Two. It what seems like the most eclectic reharm possible Gansch & Breinschmid create an organic warmth while having an incredibly good time doing so.

An absolutely delightful musical offering pulling from a myriad of influences for a righteous old world presentation of what can happen when two such talented individuals team up and simply check convention at the door.

The jazz equivalent of a musical box of chocolates. One never knows what they may get but you know after the first bite that it will indeed be tasty!

4.5 Stars

Tracks: Unter Donner und Lee; Geilomat; 5/4; Klassik Gstanzin; jaBistdudenndeppat; Der Tod; Sombrero; Ansage / Announcement; Low n Green; Irgendwas; Kurt; Herbert Schnitzler; Blue Danube / Can't Buy Me Love / Something Stupid / Tea For Two.

Personnel: Thomas Gansch: trumpet and vocals; Georg Breinschmid: contrabass and vocals.

Special Thanks To Jim at Jazz Promo Services