Saturday, May 11, 2013

Catching Up With Yvonnick Prene The Interview Part Two

Part two of my interview with rising star Yvonnick Prene. You can check out part one:

Prene is the future of jazz harmonica and one of the most dynamic and gifted artists to hit the Big Apple in the last twenty years.  Continuing our interview, I wanted to learn more about his goals for the future and influences that have inspired him and his creative processes.

What are your goals for the future and what may be the biggest obstacle or misconception that jazz harmonica players may face?

Y.P. - "I am composing and practising everday toward recording future exciting projects for this year and later, in particular with Padam Swing and my quintet. My goal is to become the best musician I can be. Hopefully the next record will reflect this progress as a composer and improvisor. I would like people to consider me more as an artist than soley as a harmonica player. For me it is a small thing. On a large perspective it's the way I found to express my point of view in life through melodies, rhythms and sounds. I think it would be more obvious in the following years.

What was the most enjoyable part of creating Jour de Fete and who are your biggest influences?

Y.P. - " I wrote the music while I was studying at the New School. This is also where I met most of the musicians that figure on the album, I am thinking about Michael Valeanu, Javi Santiago, Owen Erickson and Or Bareket. Before entering the studios we had played together for a year or so. The fun part was when we played the songs for the first time I was thrilled to hear the music I had written for them.
My biggest influences are certainly people I have the opportunity to listen, play or study with. I am thinking about Aaron Goldberg, Dave Glasser, Lee Konitz, Peter Bernstein, Walter Smith III, Andy Milne, Ben Street, Reggie Washington, Kevin Hayes, Jerome Sabbagh...and of course the musicians on the record.

Currently listening to:
Alexandre Tassel: Heads or Tails 2011
Thomas Enhco: Fire Flyes 2012
Michael Valeanu: Tea Time 2012
Scott Tixier: Brooklyn Bazaar: 2012
Jaleel Shaw: The Soundtrack Of Things To Come 2013


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