Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blake Shelton's Concert In The Heartland

The storms are over but the heartache, devastation and rebuilding of shattered lives and broken dreams remains in Moore, Oklahoma.

It seems like everyone has their hand out these days. I have had mine out requesting help for medical bills since I have been unemployed and unable to obtain medical insurance. Sometimes there are events that transcend your own personal issues and it calls upon each of us to try to lend a hand. So...how can you help?

First...Check out the link below to the Oklahoma Strong Website

On May 29th, stop by any Starbucks and donate whatever cash you can afford. You get a free cup of coffee and an opportunity to know you helped your brother out...Starbucks should be commended for their help during this tragedy.

Finally...At 9:00 p.m. E.S.T on NBC you can check out Blake Shelton's Concert For The Heartland which includes such incredible artists as Vince Gill and a list of other legends too lengthy to mention here. You can get more information on what you can do during this live telecast. Don't wait for the administration to write a fat check to make things right, it's not an election year and the current administration did not carry Oklahoma if memory serves me correctly. One day you may need help. Pay it forward. Good karma does not cost a dime...but the payout is priceless.

God Bless Oklahoma and this nation.