Thursday, May 9, 2013

Berserk! Rare Noise 2013

About as subtle as a plane crash while giving the musical bird to the form and function of more traditional improvised music we find Berserk also flipping convention upside down with an eerie sound scape of raw energy and dynamic interaction between the looping bass of Lorenzo Feliciti and vocalist  Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari . The dynamic cover art could best be described as a mirror image of sound and the endless possibilities created with this ambient free form of visceral energy from the good folks at RareNoise records.

Mad Max meets the cinematic thriller Alien...
There is no label across the globe that is more cutting edge and will to not just push the envelope of sound but send it registered mail!

While sidestepping genre the virtuoso bassist Feliciati manages to keep an edgy and intense funk rolling just beneath the surface a sort of sonic thunder which only adds richness and texture to an ensemble that moves from swing to a mysterious avant garde exploratory into the inner reaches of the soul. The amazing aspect of this recording is given the plethora of influences and the unbelievable wall of sound created, the passive listener is never pushed over the musical cliff. Comedian Martin Mull once said writing about music is like dancing with architecture. Now I get it...If you don't get the amazing transformation of this unique sonic profile then don't worry. Your autopsy should be finished soon...

Along with bass virtuoso Feliciati we have the intensity of the vocal range that Lorenzo Fornasari brings to the table. As the final stages of recording were being banged out additional musicians were brought in. Guitar wizard Eivind Aarset and the resident RareNoise god of thunder being drummer Pat Mastelotto both play integral parts in the success of this release. All of the participants here have a touch of musical chameleon allowing for incredible freedom and smashing through the more traditional jazz genres into a more unified synergy of sound with a cinematic base.

Feliciati and funk go hand in hand and combined with Fornasari's haunting vocals the tune "Macabre Dance" kicks starts the release along with the shredding proficiency of Aarset on guitar. "Fetal Claustrophobia" opens with a more ambient and subtle vibe only to be broken apart by drummer Mastelotto's controlled sonic fury spurring the band forward with an amazing yet incredibly harmonious under current floating just below the surface. "Dream Made of Wind" is a dialed down presentation of electronica that immediately brings to mind the influence of Brian Eno.

In describing the release title bassist Feliciati stated he hopes their offering will spur a more positive connotation to the term Berserk by promoting a highly creative and powerful display of music minus the confusion that comes together at the end.

Intensity coupled with an unrelenting passion as Berserk as perhaps the most innovative and challenging recording from RareNoise to date. The expressed intent of the label when founded was to side step the more conventional and allow the musicians the freedom of sonic movement other labels are simply not equipped to offer.

Berserk succeeds on a hundred different levels! A stunning display of the unlimited potential that is captured on a shiny silver disc.

Tracks: Macabre Dance; Fetal Claustrophobia; Blow; Not Dead; Clairvoyance; First; Dream Made Of Wind; Wait Until Dark; Latent Prints; Dream Made Of Water.

Personnel: Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari: voice, guitar, organ, effects; Lorenzo Feliciati: bass; Gianluca Petrella: trombone and effects; Eivind Aarset: guitars; Jamie Saft: keyboards; Fabrizio Puglisi: piano, arp odyssey; Sandro Satta: alto sax; Cristiano Calcagnile: drums, effects; Pat Mastelotto: drums, electronic percussion; Simone Cavina: drums.