Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thoughts on Boston. Is Freedom really free?

I was sitting in my recliner watching ESPN when news of the tragedy in Boston first aired. I have a great many friends in the Boston area and of course is deeply saddened by this cowardly act. I was happy to know all my friends were accounted for and doing well

Then I got angry...There are those that think Homeland Security and added security at certain venues is somehow infringing on our  Constitutional rights and civil liberties. News flash, an eight year old boy does not have the Constitutional right to be blown to bits on Patriots day.  As they day went on my anger turned into an apathetic path of least resistance.

I'm tired. I am tired of seeing school children executed, Federal Buildings blown up and now a symbolic day in one of this countries greatest cities destroyed because someone wants to make a point. There is an odd irony for me in that I wrote a piece a couple of weeks ago that the FBI and Homeland Security work for us and in this new age of terrorism "We The People" must speak up. City, State, and Federal Law Enforcement are more than willing to take a complaint in good faith. I filed a complaint including specifics and the individual in question sent me a profane email and threatened me that filing false charges with law enforcement is a crime. Individuals and even countries that work off threats and intimidation are as cowardly as the people that set the bombs off in Boston. Evidently some weight was given to my report since they paid a visit to the person I reported. America must speak up. Someone knows who did this. So why bring this up on a jazz site? Outdoor festivals are soft targets. No longer can we look at these events without taking all security measures possible. I urge you to attend the festivals show the support for the music we love for if crowds begin to dwindle then the terrorists win.
A radical Muslim group? Home grown anarchists making a statement on tax day? How about some of the more bent fascists you will find in the Tea Party.

Much like the complaint I filed, law enforcement will catch these people and they will be put to death. I don't care about their names, their ideology or anything remotely related to these individuals.

Peace, Love, Understanding are but mere words unless backed up with action.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to everyone that was remotely touched by the tragedy in Boston. Freedom is not free. With freedom much like power comes great responsibility.

God Bless The City of Boston and when the F.B.I breaks the case it will, to a degree prove a point. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance and while I did not vote for our current President - he will allow the rule of law to prevail.