Saturday, April 6, 2013

Thisbe Vos Under Your Spell Prime Productions 2013

Pristine vocals, immaculate phrasing and when called for there is a whimsical feel to the entire ensemble. Most of you are aware female vocalists put me right on the edge because for some reason they ALL think they can sing. God made cruise ships, happy hour, and karaoke night for a reason but you sure won't find Thisbe Vos hanging out in any of those places. I was on the edge of my seat when she tackled one of my favorite songs "I Thought About You" but the arrangements here are at best "tasteful" at worst they may be "understated" due to the level of talent they have to work with.

Vos is FAR more than a pretty face, a rock solid lyricist that despite a fairly knowledgeable background in what would appear to be her wheelhouse, it was difficult to determine where a standard ended and one of her seven originals began. The wheelhouse would have to be more of the standard variety but the originals concern love and romance which are two things most critics know little if  anything about.

On average it takes roughly ten large to make a record and the days of your friendly neighborhood record executive playing finance manager have been long gone. All that aside if I were in Vegas then I would go all in on when not if she lands a contract of some sort but when. If I sound excited then kudos, you know me well. Finally! A pretty girl that can sing!

Tracks: Shanghai Blues; Under Your Spell; I Thought About You; That's All Right With Me; I Need You; Round Midnight; He's A Tramp; Now You Are Here; Just A Fool Over You; Rue dela Huchette; Always; Ain't Mishavin'

Personnel: Thisbe Vos: vocals; Gary Matsumoto: piano; Henry Franklin: upright bass; Donald Dean; drums; Nolan Shaheed: trumpet; Geoff Hudell: clarinet, alto clarinet, bass clarinet, contra bass clarinet, Flute, alto flute; Carl Randall: tenor saxophone; Michael Higgins: guitar; The Pasadena String Ensemble: Strings.

4.5 Stars.