Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Ropesh Neuklang 2013

In keeping with my desire to bring you the finest music that Europe has to offer allow me to be perhaps the first American writer to introduce you to The Ropesh! The self titled debut release with a slightly eclectic instrumentation grooves the traditional with a myriad of influences from funk to hip-hop and metal transcends the ability to accept any label and blurs the lines of the conventional with an organic display of melody to make this more of a jazz collective than a "working band."

The desire for all original material is a huge roll of the dice for any artist but this particular ensemble embraces the obvious challenges and approaches their improvisational music with a slightly left of center slant with a refreshing end result. Hip, contemporary, and sitting just outside the box of what the American audience may be used to, The Ropesh make a musical statement and gladly push themselves and the artistry to new levels of creativity. Ambient electronica in the wrong hands is the equivalent of tap dancing in a musical minefield but The Ropesh harness the electronic portion of the work into a fanciful artistic presentation that still keeps an organic root. Special guests on this release include renowned jazz pianist Rainer Bohm and Bujazzo singer Miriam Ast.

"Lostupido" opens with the dynamic tension of what may be an orchestra settling in and kicks off with a minor key, odd metered lyrically oriented tune that is presented in layers of vibrant texture. A harmonious presentation and expression of the own sense of melodic purpose. "Breakfast By E.D." is a syncopated exploratory of sound and the consistent sense of forward motion is captivating while set off with Lorenzo Colocci on flute and drummer Mathis Grossman. "My Flute Is Longer Than Yours" is an intense yet oddly funky composition broken up by double bassist Markus Wach and trombone wizard Marcus Franzke. This free form exploratory is adventurous, strangely accessible and presented without the need of self indulgent embellishment from any of the ensemble cast.

A fresh approach embracing a plethora of influences each in their own way and with timing and placement key in the success of their presentation. Aggressive yet The Ropesh have the innate ability to change dynamics on the fly to consistently make each tune a new listening experience.

When you consider this is a debut release and then experience the immense musicality presented in this format, The Ropesh are a name to remember! Check out the You Tube video...

4 Stars and rising!

Tracks: Lostupido; NeuB; Breakfast By E.D.; Stango; Amico Disagio; My Flute Is Longer Than Yours; Outro.

Personnel: Lorenzo Colocci: flute, electronics; Marcus Franzke: trombone; Apollonio Maiello: piano; Markus Wach: double bass; Mathis Grossmann: drums, electronics