Saturday, April 6, 2013

Swingadelic Toussaintville Zoho 2013

Swingadelic is groove-a-licious!

Duke Ellington titled one of his compositions "Villesville Is The Place, Man." Living here in Louisville this of course caught my eye. "Toussaintville" would have to be the same hip place to be (unlike Louisville) given the work of legendary performer, composer, arranger and producer Allen Toussaint. In interesting parallel of sorts is that both Ellington and Toussaint wrote music that transcended time, space and the genre of the day. You can count on one hand the number of artists with this type of talent today.

Swingadelic is often referred to as a repertoire band. Sorry folks...they are BUT a better description may be a jazz collective with an innate ability to find a groove and ride it for all it is worth. Groove is in the heart so in honor of Allen Toussaint's 75th birthday they decided to spread the wealth around just a touch covering tunes from Glenn Campbell's 1977 pop country smash "Southern Nights" to "What Do You Want The Girl To Do?" I love Boz Scaggs as well as the next Independent critic however it is an accepted fact some tunes make the jazz transition well while others self destruct normally due to bad production and even worse arrangements. "Sneaking Sally Though The Alley" is well known for Robert Palmer crashing the pop glass ceiling as well as the jam band Phish. Proving? You can take the same tune under different circumstances and having a variety of results. Was it genre? Was it strength of the tine? You decide.

Call Tossaint's music what ever makes you sleep better at night. Swingadelic is a repertoire band but the combination here is off the hook. From the surreal cover photography to the last note played on Mr. Toussaint, this is a musical feast for the senses.

4 out of 5 Stars. A winner!

Tracks: Night People; Southern Nights; What Do You Want The Girl To Do; Yes We Can; On Your Way Down; Java; Ruler Of My Heart; Get Out Of My Life, Woman; Sneaking Sally Through The Alley; Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky; Working In A Coal Mine; Whipped Cream; Fairchild; Up The Creek; Mr. Toussaint.

Personnel: Audrey Welber: alto sax, clarinet; Paul Carlon: tenor (5,7,8,10,14), soprano sax; Jeff Hackworth tenor and baritone sax (5,7,8,10,14); John DiSanto: baritone sax; Albert Leusink: trumpet; Carlos Fraancis: trumpet; Rob Susman: trombone; Rob Edwards: trombone; Neal Pawley: trombone; Boo Reiners: guitars; John Bauers: piano & organ; Dave Post: bass; Jason Pharr: drums; Jimmy Coleman: drums (5,7,8,10,14).
Special Guests:
John Bauers, Neil Pawley, Queen Esther (7), Rob Paparozzi (13).