Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rich Halley 4 Crossing The Passes Pine Eagle 2013

Music that is every bit as edgy as the cover photo done by Carson Hailey.

There is an organic open ended all most free jazz approach which may be best and accurately described as cutting edge. Halley belong to the handful of players on a global level that don't think, they simple play. Feelings, emotions and intensity take care of them self as Hailey takes care of a fine quartet that can hang with any 4tet on any stage. Michael Vlatkovich is a virtuoso trombone/percussionist and the bass section is rounded off with Clyde Reed on bass and Carson Hailey on drums, percussion and of course camera duty.

Similar quartets dot the jazz landscape and their talent is certainly without question but there is an eclectic approach where the music cuts the path or trail and the musicians simply follow where ever the trail may lead. Spontaneity of the highest degree. Changes include some more odd time signatures but never in a pretentious "look at me" state but again all kept within the style of the individual piece. I  believe most high schools offer a course in "human growth and development." Rich Halley could challenge his energy and knowledge and probably give an interesting lecture on a musicians growth and development for those working bands that play for love not money. Commercial jazz this is not. Changing harmonics on a dime while never losing the dynamic of style. Crossing The Passes is an exploration of possibilities for those daring enough to accept the challenge.

Tracks: The Only Constant; Traersing The Maze; Looking West from West; Smooth Curve of the Bow; The Spring Rains; Duopolu; Crossing The Passes; Basin and Range; Acute Angles; Rain, Wind and Hail; Journey Across The Land.

4 Stars.

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