Saturday, April 27, 2013

Marc Cary For The Love Of Abbey Motema 2013

A dynamic and wildly creative tour De force takes on the work of friend and mentor in perhaps the most dangerous format possible for a pianist, the solo recording. Cary and his interpretation of the Abbey Lincoln catalog are as intimate and striking as any solo piano work one may find. It is a rare feat for a virtuoso talent such as Cary to successfully transform the work of his friend and mentor into a personal statement with deep spiritual and emotional content.

The deconstruction of brilliance. 

Cary credits Lincoln and her influence on melody and simplicity which are pulled off with great flair and an all most live studio feel. Allowing the music to simply stand on merit while utilizing perhaps his greatest skill which is his harmonic base. Dark minor tonalities of "Down Here Below" and "Should've Been" create a striking dynamic tension without wandering off the beaten path on the road to self indulgent. The tender ballad "When I'm Called Home" may best sum up Carey and his growth which transcends the catalog and instead allows Cary to make his own personal statement concerning just how much it meant to him to work with the brilliant Abbey Lincoln for over a decade. 

The solo piano recording can be thought of as tap dancing in a musical mine field. Working without a net is never easy but Cary and his own special place which is somewhere far deeper than the soul pull off an incredibly special recording worthy of advance notice and immediate attention. The official street date is not until June 11th, a little more than a month from now but well worth the wait. "For Moseka" is a Cary composition that fits hand in glove with the remainder of the selections here.

Marc Cary and his musical stock have just doubled. 

Tracks: Music Is The Magic; Down Here Below; Melancholia; For Moseka; Who Used To Dance; Should've Been; My Love Is You; Love Evolves; Throw It Away; Another World; When I'm Called Home; Conversation With A Baby; Transmutate; Down Here Below The Horizon.

Marc Cary: solo piano.