Sunday, April 14, 2013

Laszlo Gardney Clarity Sunnyside 2013

Laszlo Gardony and his latest release Clarity has some ironic similarities with Billy Taylor's Story Time with the difference being roughly 45 minutes in length. Taylor's release are stories within stories thus accounting for the length and longevity of the release while Clarity is a more emotionally taut mixture of a solo release in one inspired session.

The similarities being great improvisers combine a keen intellect with an innate emotional sensitivity to create a solid inspired melodic discovery where one has not previously existed. Both Taylor and Gardony accomplished such music feats with minimal effort with one rising slight above the other in clarity and uniformity of melody and purpose. One of the most interesting aspects being that Gardony combined ten short stories understanding that shape is paramount and without shape there is little if connectivity left for the listener. The great improvisers channel or join together the audience with the musical piece in question.

Perhaps the most intriguing and playful if not at times whimsical is that the melodies are kept simple and there are brief breaks between tunes. Nothing left too long or too short, the imagination is left to fill in the blanks. There is an ebb and flow here in a similar fashion to Schubrt or perhaps one of  the ECM pianists. The opening tunes is a rolling state of mind "Settling of a Racing Mind" while something a bit more Lennon/McCarney follows with "Opened Melody." While "Resilient Joy" is an more open ended folk oriented melody which is an idiom Gardony has spent a great deal of time studying.

A keen sense of melody, virtually deconstructed is highlighted or joined together with more abstract tunes that showcase the versatility of Gardony for a free form harmonic base with the destination left up to the listened as to where the music or what path it shall take us. While the only critique may be the sound is somewhat minimalist in nature, this is as close to perfect as it comes.

4.5 Stars.

Laszlo Gadony - Solo Piano.