Sunday, April 7, 2013

Jacob Varmus Terminal Stillness Crow's Kin Recording 2013

 "What a sound"...The quote uttered by the late great conductor James Dixon conductor of the University of Iowa. The impact of Varmus has been immense and the results have been epic. Varmus may be one of the very best trumpet players you have heard of. Varmus is indeed a virtuoso but far more than that Jacob Varmus is not mired in New Orleans jazz, he doesn't hang with those whose careers have stalled of those that take the more racial than musical path to sonic righteousness.

In 1994 he was top finisher in the International Trumpet Guild's jazz competition. The same year Varmus brought his talent to the city that never sleeps (how else you gonna pay rent?). While in New York, Varmus is but a small and very talented group of musicians to play Carnegie Hall as symphonic player and jazz soloist. Unlike some of his contemporaries that believe jazz is a vibe, a lifestyle, and a way of life to hang with your crew - which it is. Jazz is a technically driven artistic showcases that take most people places they have never been or never will visit. Their soul. The difference being one side takes the music and places it on the back burner and plunk the one string jazz banjo of jazz history that most of us get by now.

Compliments include, " Jacob Varmus's music is lyrical and self assured. The New Yorker Talk of The Town.

"An exciting trumpeter, composer and band leader - All About Jazz who as always is guilty of the classic undersell.

How about best trumpet player you may have yet to hear? Brent Black @critical jazz.

Terminial Still is a suite based on recording stimulated by the dimensions of silence, inactivity and space. Listen to the note Varmus does not play and you may begin to get it. Variations on note and time, meter on steroids.

Tracks: Terminal; Stillmess; Union; Departure; Ju-Ju; Avenue C; Slide Rules; Myanmar Shadow; Before Dawn.

Personnel: Jacob Varmus: trumpet, cornet (6), piano (9), keyboard (2).
Kris Davis: piano; Nate Radley: guitar (1-6); Jacob Garchik: accordion (7&8); Ike Sturn: bass (1-6); Gil Smuskowitz: bass (7&8); Brian Woodruff: drums & glockenspiel.