Sunday, April 7, 2013

Delicious Date Next Chaos 2013

In a Internet interview with John Abercrombie the prevailing conclusion is to be a good critic  you need to have a strong opinion with a touch of fearlessness to make your point. Another singer with a journalism background reminded me to always answer the ever elusive "why" in justification. I realize a great many readers are in agreement while several have expressed their disagreement to the point of involving my mother....

The ensemble Delicious Date has had a lengthy desire to play self-compositions. Is this jazz as we know it? Not really but it does not have to be. Contemporary amercian vocalist including some groups have been churning out pretentious self serving vocals for years but here in lies the difference. Delicious Date and the new release Next are an original and incredibly versatile group that opens with Mr. G which has a slight touch of that hard edged Memphis sound. "Flashlights" hits the contemporary tip but in a new and different way, more organic and less overly produced. My particular favorite is the samba induced jazz nasty lust bomb otherwise known as "Suave."

"Classy" jazz themes merge with a pop edge for the hybrid American artists are looking for but can not seem to pull off. Another reason for the success of Delicious Date is the consistent and constant development of their sound. In the world on contemporary jazz you can slip a piece of paper between some artists the similarities are so close.

A band playing all original material and puts a premium on artistic development is a band that puts the music first and the industry second. Delicious Date should be the blue print for what American contemporary sounds like and the direction it may consider heading.


Tracks: Mr. G; Broken Day; Como the llamas; Flashlights; So Sad; Moliet et blues; Suave; Arrival; Touch; Reminiscence; BACH; Sound of Delicious Date.

Personnel: Rudiger Penthin: keyboards; Sebastin Penthin: bass; Ralf Lentschat: trumpet & fflugelhorn; Michelle Dahlinger: vocals; Daniel Sapcu: drums.