Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cynthia Sayer Joyride JoyRide p222 2013

It is good to be the king...Well, Queen anyway! Cynthia Sayer is one of the top four string bajo players  in the world today. Occasionally I take a walk on the wild side and Sayer fits the bill perfectly.

Sayer; stellar career has pushed her well past the New Orleans roots to become a respected band leader and and guest artists all her own. Cynthia Sayer draws from a plethora of influes including her own riff of electric fusion,  western, classical, and more. As the infamous Lou Reed once said, "Baby take on a walk on the wild side" which is exactly what she does my mixing  a myriad of sound with traditional blue grass. Sayer's resume includes the Nity Grity Diry Band, Wyton Marsalis and the great Les Paul. A resume similar payer wold kill for, Sayer keeps doing her thing and developing her sound for a new audience.

life is a series of choices. Putting aside her drum kit, Sayer came home to find a banjo resting  gently on her bed and having played for two presidents later, Sayer rolled the dice and came up a big winner! With TV credits including the Purple Rose of Cairo and starring as the official banjo player for the New York Yankees, is there nothing this girl can do? Lofty goals and ambitions keep her headed true down the muscial road of life with no twists, turns, or detours in sight.

Tracks: Banjo Blues; Moe It On Over; I Get Ideas; Ella Miriam;s Blues; You talk too much; The Man On the Flying Trapeze; I Love Paris; Getting To Know You; El Irresistible; Goody Goody; Honey; Under The Bambo Tree;When You Wish Upon A Star.

Personnel Cynthia Sayer: banjo & vocals; Charlie Giordao: accordian: Mauro Battisti: string bass; Larr y Eagle: percussion; Sara Caswell: violin; Adrian Cunningham: clarinet; Jon Herington: eletric guitar; Rnady Sandke: trumpe; Scott Robinson: tenor saxophone, talogato; Marcus Rojas: tuba; Mike Weatherly.