Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Critical Jazz Thank You and A Request for Help.

I wanted to thank everyone for the warm wishes I received via face book and twitter and those of you that know me on a more personal level during what was a rather scary 72 hrs starting this past Friday. I have been in what would seem to be in declining health which was further complicated by a confirmed liver disease diagnose. A leg infection popped up and I simply could not shake it. I went to the doctor for a follow up and hopefully some stronger antibiotics only to be rushed immediately across the street to the emergency room at University of Louisville Hospital. Thanks to the skill and training of the wonderful staff at this highly respected teaching hospital they pulled me out of what was a bacterial infection in my leg that went nuclear and was a real threat to my life. I am incredibly grateful.

Like many I don't have insurance. I am getting a substantial amount covered by the University due to my lack of steady income however I still have bills coming in.

If you can and are interested please make a donation to my paypal account you find on the homepage here. I am attempting to raise 1500.00 which is relatively a small amount given the circumstances. Anything you can do is certainly appreciated.

My only thoughts while I was being treated literally every 2 hrs until late Sunday afternoon was of writing my next review. This is all I have and am so thankful for the support that I have received. Good health may be the greatest gift of all. I will continue to write until they bag me and tag me...Again, many many thanks to everyone. Please share this if you can. A posted a photo on face book in my hospital gown with both thumbs up. Painkillers and those stylish hospital gowns make a guy do some silly things - point being a little faith can go along way.

A special thanks to the nurses and those involved in my case at the 7 east wing. How they put up with me I will never know.

Brent Black

I have gone through my fourth and now have my fifth surgical procedure scheduled concerning tieing off blood vessels before they burst. The doctors are now exploring more advanced blood work as my white cell count and platelet count are tanking. I am taking up to 17 bills and various liquids each day. The government has refused my disability claim. Any donation you make to my paypal account is certainly appreciated. The kind words, well wishes, and prayer are just as valuable if not more so. I am humbled at the support and the words "Thank You" are simply not enought.