Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Bill Horovitz Expanded Band The Long Walk Big Door Prize Records For Philip Horovitz 2013

Bill Horvitz Life not to mention music can take some strange twists and turns. Eight long years after the passing of Bill Horvitz'z brother Philip we are delighted to announce a more than fitting tribute constructed around the internal expression and the emotional upheaval one goes through when such a tragic even interrupts their life. Guitarist and composer Horvitz had a strong desire to pay some sort of musical tribute and began hearing new compositions come to life.

The Long Walk is a suite of eight pieces finding a personal niche somewhere between big band and small jazz orchestra but dramatic results. Perhaps the only thing more dramatic would be Bill's brother having been active and full of life as an inspired writer, director, actor, dancer and choreographer. Individuals such as this simply do not make their passing from this planet from sudden heart failure as Philip did in 2005. Perhaps Philip had given this world all he was supposed to, either way the grief is an easy road to travel.

Normally recordings of this nature are full of pretentious conceptualised nothing, instead Bill Horvitz pulled from funk, jazz, folk and new music. Each section depicted a piece of Philip and is a lasting legacy to a brother and a friend to many. "Child Star" was a journey back in time to those moments when young children enjoying performing for their tolerant family members. The Long Walk turned into a deeply personal perhaps one would say cathartic journey for Bill as the tonality of Bill's guitar was stretched to an all most sonic breaking point. Composed and tightly arranged music gives the feeling of not only a release but a talented life cut short far too soon. The technical aspect of the recording creates a hybrid of new and more traditional tonal colors for a deeply personal look at a man most of us would never know yet the representation of the artistic variety is deeply moving.

What else can you say?

Tracks: Astor Place; Funk Side Story; Do You Want To Dance?; London Bridge; Where Did The Monkey Go?; Child Star; As If; The Long Walk.

Personnel: Omid Zoufonoun: conductor; Kyle Bruckman: oboe/engligh horn; Aram Shelton: clarinet/bass clarinet; Michael Cook: bassoon; Steve Adams: Alto saxophone/flute; Cory Wright: tenor saxophone; Jon Raskin: baritone saxophone; Hal Forman: trumpet; Darren Johnston: trumpet; George Hines: french horn; Ned Haran: trombone; Nathan Riebli: tuba; Wayne Horvitz: piano; Sarah Jo Zaharako: violin; Shirley Hunt: cello; Dan Seamans: bass; Vijay Anderson: drums; Bill Horovitz: guitarist/composer.