Sunday, March 10, 2013

Telling It Like It Is...All About Jazz

Well....going back to Nov. 2012 may be a bit far to make a point but I am all about factual accuracy something a blog site I used to contribute to seemed unfamiliar with. I stumbled across a blog site where Kelman still refers to me months after leaving. Numerous New York publicists and several in Los Angeles told me off the record A.A.J goes through critics like some people go through shoes and it is of little wonder.

Now I just noticed where the Editor of A.A.J (If I use his name he tosses a hissy like  you would not believe) made the statement I hated more musicians then he thought possible so allow me to once again put J.K. in his rightful place. This coming from an editor that made disparaging remarks off the record concerning the personality of one Keith Jarrett. News flash John - Not all recordings are good. Not all recordings are to be held in high esteem simply because the musician calls himself an artist. I can add and subtract - does not make me an accountant.

I do dislike the positions some artists such as Nicholas Payton and Rich Siegel hold. Hate them? That would constitute caring. J.K. is (in my opinion) an obsessive compulsive narcissist determined to get the last word in. The type of pseudo intellectual that ruins jazz journalism for those truly interested in the artist and the most recent release. J.K.'s issue with me is that I can not separate the man from the cause or issue. So to keep this brief, I ask good ol Mr. Kelman, do you see Payton or Siegel separating themselves from the issues they champion. Naturally they can hold any view they so desire. Men and women have fought and died for the right for people like you to say any dumb ass thing you wish. Kudos on proving my point. The man and the message are one, have always been one and will always be one. Whether I like it, agree or even appreciate it is my business. Is your business relationship honestly based on liking every ECM release or the "prestige" of being on their A list? Conflict of interest? While I have more work than I can handle I did two things. Cut way back on smooth jazz and bounced ECM since I do classical somewhere else. I also am working with another label I had previously severed ties with so getting ones facts straight are journalism 101...I don't even hate you despite your constant emailing me after I left because you thought I made an error in a column. If I had it was not your place....There in lies the problem. I pity you. If I can not separate the man from the music then how does Kelman explain his nasty remarks which he has publicly admitted to concerning Mr. Jarrett? Pot/Kettle? Better yet when seeking out critical advice Kelman made up some absurd critique only to later admit he never really read the piece. I would dearly love to hear Kelman's explanation and especially on Jarrett which is the very thing he accuses me of but unlike Kelman I do not pander to a label. There is a difference between a business relationship and pandering. Kelman would be advised to look them up. Allowing Rich Siegel to use their blog to launch a cyber hit piece on me as a means of getting even shows just how low some people will sink. I actually gave Nicholas Payton 3 out of 5 stars which is an "average" release so again, Kelman swings and misses.

You are right, as you said yourself - "We all need editors, I just didn't need you." Let it go John. Grow a thicker skin. If you were that good someone would pay you for your work. Last time we talked you said you were a volunteer...Where I come from we call that a sucker. All the best. Oh...and my diminishing shelf life has grown 28% since your idiotic statement and the unprofessional hit piece from Ricci. Siegel bringing you any readers? snicker...

In conclusion the overwhelming number of my reviews are very positive in nature. In fact one reader emailed me to say I gave out too many. Perhaps Kelman's issue is strictly a matter of taste and that he had none. Just sayin'....To expect a writer to accept a misogynistic view towards women or support an artist that in turn supports countries and regions that sponsor terrorism is absurd from a logical perspective by itself. Kelman said I was not a good fit. Fair enough, it goes both ways but writers for A.A.J are volunteers spread throughout the country with less credentials in journalism then they have in music. A.A.J. is simply a clearing house for publicists. Nothing more. Nothing less.