Wednesday, March 13, 2013

ParisCombo 5 DRG 2013

Music in general and jazz in particular can be easily stereotyped based on everything from country of origin to instrumentation. In would be like assuming all Republicans are evangelical Christians. I've only set foot in a church twice in the past decade for a wedding and a funeral which is essentially the same event happening simultaneously. So much for that theory...

Paris Combo 5 shatters the traditional concept of what some consider the Paris sound with a myriad of influences including the alluring vocals of Belle du Berry. Smoldering just beneath the surface there is an accessible Europop vibe, adventurous riffs, and swinging grooves that are carefully mixed with Latin, African and rumba rhythms all tightly woven around the tapestry that is the French cabaret sound. Paris Combo 5 is a return to the studio after a four year hiatus and is arguable one of the finest groups to come out of France in thirty years. (Note there are certain solo artists intentionally excluded from the group or ensemble setting).

A conceptual release? Sort of...Multi-conceptual as the lead vocals of Berry concentrate on love at first sight, love lost, broken love and get the idea. A more conceptualized global jazz undercurrent flows beneath the vocals transcending genres and elevating this quintet from the ordinary to the extraordinary. While one need not be fluid in French, the language of love combined with the universal language of music leads to an eclectic ebb and flow that has their audience growing globally which is of little surprise.

Tracks: Je Te Vois Partout; Lux; Goodbye Pinocchio; Tout Excuse; Comptez Sur Moi; Les Cailloux Blancs; Chaque Fois; Le Magasin de Porcelaine; Morphee; Mediumisons; Ce Que J'aime C'est Le Debut; Fantome Adore.

Personnel: Belle du Berry: lead vocals; Potzi: guitar; Francois Jeannin: drums, percussion, vocals; David Lewis: trumpet, flugelhorn, piano; Emmanuel Chabbey: contrabass. Renaud Guieu: cello; Floriane Bonnani: violin; Jeremie Pasquier: viola.