Saturday, March 30, 2013

Novas Trio Boarderfall discos pendiente 2013

I am totally digging the album cover. I am an old school geek. I love good cover art, well put together liner notes and finding hidden treasures. Drummer Rodrigo Recabarren is a native of Santiago, Chile. @Critical Jazz loves his jazz on the global tip an Novas Trio is certainly no exception. An independent artist reached out to me and in the spirit of networking passed my information along to drummer Recabarren who is like most musicians of the day, working side projects pays the the rent and keeps food in the fridge.

As an Independent critic I often play musical prospector as I sift through the sand and silt of sonic nothingness and that is simply the way it is. Being turned onto the Novas Trio is a huge favor and saves me time and heightens my harmonic senses just a touch. The Novas Trio is Jeff Miles on guitar, Carlos Vera on vibraphone and of course the master of rhythmic ceremonies Rodrigo Recabarren. I am not keen on labels (anymore) however as a necessary evil, "sounds like?" is certainly a fair question. There is an open ended abstraction of a John Abercrombie/ Gary Burton/ Paul Motion vibe going on. Harmonically and lyrically there is that distinct gift of playing with purpose that is infectious. Vera is a virtuoso on vibes. Miles is a beast on guitar, as artistically gifted as he is technically proficient. Recabarren owns the pocket while providing the sonic nuances that bring this trio together as one voice. Atari Blues and Crystal Spire open the set and are two personal favorites with controlled sonic fury and instrumental prowess rarely seen.

Being a critic is far more than being critical but...I have nothing negative to say concerning this recording. Currently I am loading it on a MP3 player to take to the hospital to listen to in recover. Easily one of the best of the year. It is like Stan Getz and Latin vibe master Cal Tjader never really left, they just took their sound up a notch!

Tracks: Atari Blues; Crystal Spire; 5 Contra 1; KSR; Cuando Amanece el Dia; Desobrientado; Lazo; Epikouros.