Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nicholas Payton #Bam Live At The Bohemian Caverns BMF 2013



Anyone care to take a S.W.A.G as to what BMF stands for? Nothing like believing your own press clippings that make you a legend in your own mind. Nice logo though.

But...I don't hate it. This is the closest thing to jazz Payton has graced us with in ten years. Do I like it? Not really. A lot of clutter with minimal focus or direction but if you are a Payton fan you will probably dig it and that is fine. I read where "a blog post started a movement" well..."Hope and Change" was to be a movement and we see where that got us.

Allow me to give my buddy Nick some well deserved props. As an instrumentalist the man is a titan. Payton can play anything, it is what he plays that simply falls flat for me. An all star A list band sits in with Vincente Archer on bass and Lenny White on drums. The set list here includes a couple of well crafted Payton originals along with the more traditional "Frankie And Johnny." The purest should take heart in solid covers of Thelonious Monk's "Pannonica" and Miles Davis "Drad Dog."

While Payton is an accomplished instrumentalist there is no real need to move past trumpet or Rhodes. Those being kind would state Payton is bypassing the more traditional route in starting his own label. My opinion may be if one brings so much baggage to the table one may have little choice but to go into business for himself.

While my opinion of Bitches and its misogynistic approach towards women is well known, it does not belong here. I will say having seen a female family member verbally and physically abused I am repulsed by the release but...while every fiber of my being would like to torch this release I can not. Objectivity can be a fickle bitch (pardon the pun).

3.0...Average. 7 tracks is an EP not a album/disc etc.... A little too R&B oriented with the retro throwback sound of the Rhodes.

Tracks: The Backward Step; Drad Dog; Catlett Out Of The Bag; Pannonica; The African Tinge; Return Of The African Tinge; Frankie & Johnny.