Monday, March 4, 2013

Nicholas Payton "#Bam For Dummies"

Well...the title fits and lord help me you can not make stuff like this up. Allow me to give Payton and his minions some props. Passion...It should be Payton's middle name and the longer I have played and the more music I have written about the absurdity of arbitrary labels placed by the industry in an attempt to market what they consider to be "their" product (and if you signed a contract it is) is often misguided and misdirected but not due to race as bad business knows no color lines. So while I can appreciate the message involved, it is what you say and not how you say it that angers so many with race having little if anything to do with it.

Look at his 2011 releases "Bitches" which carries a 2 and one half star rating on Amazon. Speaks volumes. Payton can call it "#BAM" or any other name he wishes. Roll manure in powdered sugar and you still don't have a jelly doughnut.

My point? The #Bam revolution stiffed faster than "Bitches" and "Hope and Change" combined. Oh sure...there are a handful of racially biased musicians that truly believe they are fighting the good fight. Some of these geniuses have gone so far as to call their own label "sh*t" on social media. It's been roughly 2 years since that last Payton release and frankly I don't care. It goes in the immediate "pass" stack right along with arguably the worst cabaret singer on the planet in Rich Siegel. I wish Payton luck, better yet a viable career would be even better.

Or...Do what I do, educate yourself. Read other sources if need be. Check out this gem....

Look for the tired and all too predictable Payton meltdown coming soon to a p.c. near you.