Saturday, March 30, 2013

Marc Mangen Trio Neu Klang 2013

Strains of Delight and Despair Strains of Delight and Despair is an aptly titled release as the trio move effortless from swinging modern jazz where the groove is ridden for all its work to a slightly dark if not more melancholy sound as though there were some personal angst deep inside leader Marc Mangen and his stellar trio rounded off by Johnnes Schaedlich on double bass and Jens Biehl.

This most unique presentation presents 9 pieces drawn from a plethora of jazz themes composed by  Marc Mangen. Perhaps the most interesting if not musically inspirational back story would be the rewrites that would occur on a regular basis before reaching the finale. Each theme has a personal content, a conceptualized ebb and flow that Mangen himself may be the only person able to fully explain this concept. Mangen may play the melody with a certain focus and harmonics intent but Mangen is open to have his work interpreted to the point that this trio is certainly a team effort in conceptualized the thematic development of a composition.

As has been said before, you can not or at least should not kill a beautiful melody as this can serve as your sonic tour guide and allow the music to lead and for the rest of us to follow as it should be.

While the vast majority of tunes here would make the band on the "A" list for first call bands, and a small number of tunes have the stereotypical European jazz (ECM) sound there is no way I  could walk away from this release without

Tracks: Circles; Not Yet; In The Meadows; Cradle Song; Lovely As Lovely; Incantation; Sphere 2; When It Goes Away; Seascape.