Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jeremy Pelt Water And Earth HighNote 2013

Water and EarthI admire Jeremy Pelt...Not only for his exponential growth and development in becoming one of the finest trumpet players working today but as an individual of obvious integrity and good old fashioned common sense. The new release Water and Earth finds Pelt going deep with a slightly larger cast of characters surrounding him and a cool retro sound that while often attempted the end results are normally mixed and not near as consistent with the artistic quality on display here.

When the #Bam revolution started (you can find it now in the historical footnotes next to new Coke and the 8 track) Pelt was attacked on his own blog site. Pelt kept his cool, said what he needed to say and then quietly went about his craft and it is this quiet strength that is so appealing with his latest HighNote release. Pelt has no reason to overtly seek out unnecessary media attention as his last two releases both charted well in Jazz Week and something tells me Water and Earth should make a quick jump as well. So why does this release work so well? Perhaps Pelt has indeed found a musical home with HighNote and the support of any label much less one of the finest straight ahead labels today helps immensely however on Water and Earth, Pelt does his riff on a more retro old school approach with a more contemporary flair. While other are publishing books about jazz, Pelt lives it. Huge difference.

Water and Earth finds Pelt digging deep, well past the heart and somewhere deeper than the soul. An intimate look at the human spirit. Roxy Cross turns in remarkable performances on soprano and tenor saxophone. The addition of David Bryant on fender rhodes and perhaps my favorite instrument next to tenor being the B3 is a stroke of genius. The vocals of Angela Roberts and Fabiana Masili which open the release along with Ra-Re Valverde on "Stay" add layers of flavor which are only complimented by a subtle retro soul feel that permeates the recording. "Butterfly Dreams" is a Stanley Clarke composition that Pelt simply crushes.

Pelt reviews his own material from the liner notes with the following:

"This music isn't about a change in the direction as much as it's about strengthening my commitment to my art at present." - Jeremy Pelt.

The growth and evolution of the artistic spirit within Jeremy Pelt is a thing of beauty. While similar players squander their god given talent on social commentary, Pelt stays true to his artistic sense of self and we all benefit.

Nuff said...

Tracks: Reimagine The World; Mystique; In Dreams; Boom Bishop; Meditations On A Conversation We Had; Stay; Pieces Of A Dream; Prior Convictions; Butterfly Dreams.

Personnel: Jeremy Pelt: trumpet; David Bryant: fender rhodes, clavinet; Burniss Earl Travis: acoustic bass, electric bass & effects; Dana Hawkins: drums; Jeffrey Hayes: percussion; Roxy Cross: tenor sax; Frank LoCrasto: keyboards, fender rhodes & prophet, effects; Ra-Re Valverde: vocals.