Saturday, March 9, 2013

Jeffrey Gimble Beyond Up High Cafe Pacific 2013

When I was a contributor for the blog site "All About Jazz" they lived by antiquated policy of never review a release more than a week in advance. Oddly enough when I left, the policy seemed to change as well. Granted this was but one of the sticking points between myself and an editor that I felt was obsessive compulsive with narcissistic tendencies but just an opinion as I hold no medical license. Long story short, look for this release early to mid April or check out

I am smart enough to realize when you may have hit Michel Bubble' first blood part two and with better jazz chops to boot the old fashioned release date is essentially meaningless when one can preview most releases on various platforms including the artist web site.The band here features: Tamir Hendelmen on piano, Ryan McGillicuddy on bass, Bob Sheppard on sax an holding the rhythm section together would be Zach Harmon. 

Gimble has a tone, an inflection in his voice seldom heard today and certainly not at this high level. For this critic he may well be one of the two best vocalists that I have had the pleasure to review over the last 6 months, maybe longer...Beyond Up High is a sonic excursion that borrows from the old wedding adage, "Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue." Gimble can go from joyous scatting to a blues infused ballad and do so with minimal effort. I would be remiss if I did not mention having musicians like Tamir Hendelmen and Bob Sheppard are certainly major additions but they push Gimble as he makes the necessary transitions from "singer" to "vocal artist."

So why does Beyond Up High hit my sonic sweet spot? Simple...It is far more than an "adequate" singers doing a riff on some tired standards in an effort to turn a fast buck. The idea behind the music was for the listener to take a little trip, come along for the ride. From "All The Things You Are" to Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Agua de Beber" the ebb and flow of variety is at times breathtaking. Toss in Chick Corea's "High Wire" and Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine" then you have a solid release that can, will and should stand the test of time.

Being a "critic" is a label I detest. It is far more than being critical, it is about sharing joy. I get the feeling Jeffrey Gimble may feel the same. I have absolutely no critical remarks to make here. One of the best for 2013. Remember the name Jeffrey Gimble.

Tracks: Sweet and Lovely; Hum Drum Blue: High Wire/The Aerialist; It Only Happens When I Dance With You; Agua de Beber; Creatures; The Windmills of Your Mind; Ain't No Sunshine; All The Things You Are.

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