Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jaimeo Brown Transcendence Motema 2013

"The World Is Not My Home..."

Conceptual artists Jaimeo Brown along with minimalist saxophone giant J.D. Allen and piano goddess Geri Allen are but a few of the giants of jazz that grace this immaculate recording from Motema.

Transcemdence marks the debut of conceptualised drummer and composer Jaimeo Brown and the only possible was to compare Brown's talent would be with ECM great Manu Katche. Brown captures lighting in a bottle with an amazing hybrid of modern jazz, southern black spiritual music and an ambient electronica vibe just for kicks. Saxophonist Allen has never played better and of course the talent of Geri Allen is the musical equivalent of death and taxes, it will happen and it is only a matter of time. The amazing thing with Transcendence is that it is indeed a "family affair" with Brown's parents bassist Dartanyan Brown and flutist Marcia Miget joining Brown's sister  and vocalist Marisha Rodrigues and Brown's 2-year-old daughter, Selah Brown.

The conceptual nature of Transcendence is Brown as a cultural byproduct of his own experience as he holds to the philosophy that pain can be delivered into art. The experimental nature of the release found Brown listening intently to music superimposed over the Bible. This soulful and soul filled approach created what is considered an Eastern Indian tanpura. The music resonated so deeply with Brown it sparked a creative fire. As I battle liver disease there is a calming yet intensely dramatic effect of life, those that truly choose to live it and those that exist. There is a unique spiritualism going back to the singers that hail from rural Alabama. Soul music, roots music, jazz unplugged you can call it as you will but Transcendence is one of the sleepers of the year in my book.

Personnel: Jaimeo Brown: drums; Project Fuses Gee's Bend Quilters Southern Spirituals with Eastern Indian Music and Electronic Elements Under the Umbrella of Acoustic Modern Jazz.

With Special Guests: Geri Allen; Falu; Kelvin Scholar among others.

Tracks: Mean World; Baby Miesh; Somebody's Knocking; I Know I've Been Changed; Patience; Power of God; This World Ain't My Home.

"Sounds like...." an amazing sonic tapestry brought to life by people that understand who they are, where they are going, and enjoying the journey they are on getting there.