Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ivo Perelman Matthew Shipp The Art Of The Duet Leo 2013

We hear the word "deconstructed" or "organic" to the point that all meaning is lost...Well, all true meaning. Ivo Perelman takes self examination to the next level. One of the few tenor players that can touch your heart and set your hair on fire all at the same time, Perelman has deconstructed his music to see just how the moving parts work. Be it hard bop, chamber jazz or or straight ahead jazz, Perelman possesses the versatility sought after by so many yet achieved by so few.

On April 3rd the Art of the Duo will hit the streets finding Perelman breaking his sound down to an even deep level thanks to the help of pianists Matthew Shipp. Since 1951, Perelman has released some 51 recordings as a leader, about twice that of the lifetime of most musicians of note.
The Art of the Duet Volume One is as indicates, the first of a three volume set where Perelman and Shipp and pulling rabbits out of hats or in this case musical phrasing where there was previously nothing before. In keep with the Perelman theory of spontaneous improvisation, there was no rehearsal time, no run through, no predetermined time signatures of any kind. This is the true art of deconstructed music. Not the music, but the journey you take when listening.

Yin vs. Yang, the dichotomy of sound as one pushes the other pulls for a deceptively subtle artful cohesion that brings the listener into the mix but not by random explorations but instead a delightful cohesion of linear thought processes and where they may lead.

Ivo Perelman - Tenor Saxophone.
Matthew Shipp - Piano.