Friday, March 15, 2013

Ivo Perelman The Edge. Leo 2013

ivo the edge A highly lyrical player that works the harmonic high wire act little aid of assistance or a fire breathing harmonic dragon that commands and demands complete obedience from his instrument while taking the melodic road less traveled. A deconstructed quartet that revolves around time and space,  a three dimensional sonic depth of field.

On this latest quartet release we find members of Perelman's elusive quartet seemingly in search of the lost chord. The coda of life and the musical journey taken to achieve their final destination. An intriguing yet evolving bond is between Perelman and his pianist. Whit DIckey and Matt Bisio who swing on bass and drums respectively provided a profound nuances that works as sonic glue holding this formidable 4tet together.

While Gerald Cleaver and Joe Morris sit this session out the breakdown of the quartet into an abstract harmonious fusion of lyrical intensity is a thing of beauty to sit back and listen to. There are times when Cleave and Morris are clearly missed but the recreation of the Perelman quartet is harmonic bliss taken to another level.

Experimental, free jazz or call it whatever makes you sleep better at night. Ivo Perelman is perhaps the greatest living musical artist of our time. In the past decade, Perelman has put out over thirteen releases in the last three years that are far from self indulgent and pretentious but instead an inner examination of his music and just what makes it tick.

The Edge
Ivo Perelman / tenor saxophone
Matthew Shipp / piano
Michael Bisio / bass

Whit Dickey / drums