Monday, March 18, 2013

Ivo Pereleman Serendipity Leo 2013

Call it luck, fate, happenstance but Serendipity is the act of occurrence of blind faith leading head strong into what one consider a matter of luck, a twist of fate, call it cosmic karma. Originally Serendipity was to be a date scheduled with Matthew Shipp and Gerald Cleaver with the end result one of the finest Pereleman releases since The Gift.

While this release eventually came to fruition as The Foreign Legion, one can help but wondering what might have been. From trio to quartet the missing musician William Parker turned the release into a formidable 4tet where harmonic intensity if equal to the parallel of the abstraction of the ensemble case involved. This is musical Serendipity much in the same way Jimmy Page play the guitar riff for Pete Townsend due to illness. The irony is that some of the greatest music of our time has occurred by "accident."

The open ended abstraction of Perelman needs little introduction for it is "in the moment." Rudimentary theory books are casually pushed aside as the more emotive quality of Perelman and his harmonic high wire act tight center stage. There is a famous quote attributed to John Coltrane, "Listen to the notes I don't play." The same could be applied to Ivo Perelman. While his intensity is what legends dream of, his deceptively subtle nuances of quiet abandonment more than make up the for the blazing inferno that is Ivo Pereleman.

William Parker sat in on bass and Mattthew Ship on piano. The end result was more of a harmonious adventure aside from the foot to the floor no holds barred playing of the past.At times introspective and at other times a harmonic exploratory, clearly a superior work.