Sunday, March 31, 2013

Getting To Know Peggy Duquesnel 2013

Music, much life like takes some strange and sometimes wonderful twists along the way. Making the transition from straight-ahead and inspirational music can toss a few bumps in the road including "typecasting" and some natural bias on behalf of critics. Peggy Duquesnel has her her hit the street on 04/16 and it is well worth the wait. Duquesnel has some killer skill sets as a contemporary singer songwriter and along the way has got to know the great Jeff Lorber and Jimmy Haslip got co-production help in Seems Like I  Know You. Lorber and Haslip and turning into a formidable duo with that modern day Midas touch so often lacking but so do desperately needed in music today.

Peggy Duquesnel wrote or co wrote four tunes including the the first radio single "When I Think Of You" which is a little  R&B nasty kicked up a notch with horn powered depth of Rick Braun on trumpet and flugelhorn. From a vocal standpoint thik "Sunday morning jazz and you have Peggy nailed. Another gem from this release includes "That's How It Aways Goes" with Haslip's bass turning a melancholy sonic sea into an optimistic adventure with the closing tune in a tasty cover of the Carpenter's "Rainy Days and Monday'"

The mildly conceptual idea here was and is to showcase Duquesnel in a more "commercial" and more "contemporary" market which is a walk in the park working with talent such as Jeff Lorber and Jimmy Haslip. Of course if you toss is numerous jazz and inspirational recording all ready under her belt then you are working with far more than the average "newbie." 

Duquesnel has a voice as smooth and easy as Sunday morning coffee and the talents of Lorber and Haslip certainly speak for themselves. While being a critic is a great deal more than being critical the only negative I can find here is that this five track EP should be a ten track full release. With mad skills and a great attitude, Duquesnel is a stock whose arrow is pointing straight up.

Tracks: Seems Like I Know You; When I Think Of You; That's How It Always Goes; Rainy Day's and Monday's Bird On A Leash.