Sunday, March 31, 2013

Eddie Daniels & Roger Kellaway Live In Santa Fe. 2013

roadhouse Eddie Daniels and Roger Kellaway, I limped my way though college listening to their music which if you do the math it would make me significantly older than most of you.

There are musical epiphanies one has that forever change their taste and outlook on jazz across a broader spectrum. In 1966, Eddie Daniels found himself playing with such idols as Pepper Adams, Hank Joes, and Roland Hanna. I on the other hand heard my first Lee Ritenour release a few years later and the color pallet from which these instrumentalists and singers would work was nothing short of mind numbing.  Daniels came out ahead on the deal with a jam session with the great Duke Ellington, my jam session was the late Albert Collins.

The light bulb clicked on over Daniels head to include adding a cello to Ellington's catalog, The genesis of this idea came from working with The New Mexico Center for Therapeutic Riding. The music was of course from the Ellington catalog and the collaborator is the great Roger Kellaway.  Roger Kellaway commonly known as a cellophone jumped at the chance. Each performer wrote an original piece dedicated to Ellington and the music was literally a look back in time at history and the wonderful moments that transpired especially between Daniels and Ellington.

Kellaway acknowledged his appreciation for bring included in this project and admitted that cello writing, including improvisational material must be written out so nothing is lost in authenticity. One of those rare musical moments that comes along rarely in a lifetime.

Tracks: I'm Beginninn To See The Light; Creole Love Call; Perdido; Duke At The Roadhouse; In A Mellowtown; In A Sentimental Mood; Sophisticated Lady; Duke In Ojai; Mood Indigo; It Don't Mean A Thing.       Street Date June 11 2013.

Thanks to Jim at Jazz Promo Services