Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chris Greco Quartet Trane of Thought gwsfourwindsrecords 2013

"Take a walk on the wild side..." Lou Reed

O.K., perhaps Chris Greco would not necessarily qualify as an honorary member of Lou Reed's band but the influences are unmistakable. American jazz, non-western music along with American popular and classical traditions certainly elevate Greco to the top of the heap of the avaunt garde performers of today. From jazz to twentieth century century classical music the virtuosity with which Greco performs falls nothing short of amazing.

Chris Greco considers himself and autodidact because "anyone seriously interested in studying music has to be really be one, really, because an excellent musician today means ultimately  being self guided by a compelling desire to learn and explore more, including the music of one's time and the music of the past. "Back To The Future."

"Trane of Thought" is the title track and a groove based tunes, a dynamic ebb and flow from which Greco pulls forth and electro-acoustic vibe. "Mid City Funk" is a reference to a former residence in the mid city Los Angeles area. Latin infused veggie funk with a side order great performance venues to keep the wolf away from the door. "T.D.S" is an acronym for time, destination and speed, a loose reference to the life events that create experiences either temporary of lasting based on the activity of the individual.

Personnel: Chris Greco: soprano, tenor, flute and clarinet; Brad Rabuchin: guitars; Dean Taba contrabass; Kendall Kay: drums, congas.

Tracks: Sterope; Trane of Thought; Oliver; Merope; Mid-City Funk; T.D.S.; Maia; Electra; Soul Eyes.

4 Out of 5 Stars