Saturday, February 2, 2013

The only disability in life is a bad attitude.

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"The only disability in life is a bad attitude"

I found myself watching ESPN when a 21 year old fan who stands all of four feet two inches and has a mother with stage four brain cancer made this statement in an email to the Baltimore Ravens front office. Coach Harbaugh was so moved by this young man and his attitude that the email began to go viral inside the Raven's facilities. I too was moved yet transfixed that an individual who has been dealt what most of us would consider a bad hand in life is seemingly content to play the cards he has been dealt and move on with his life no matter what lay in store. I hope ESPN runs this segment on Superbowl Sunday as it will give you reason to pause for reflection.  

Don't confuse this profound statement with rolling over, giving up, or turning the other cheek. Life is all about the fight despite everything we do is simply a stall for the inevitable. No one is asking you to look at everything through rose colored glasses but each one of us has the strength of character to "leave it all on the field" as they say. I began thinking about my own situation. I am unemployed, forced to move home and sell virtually all my belongings yet somewhere in the dark, music saved me. While this 21 year old fan has had roughly two dozen operations and some life threatening, he presses on. I may only have a few years and while that weighs heavy on my mind, I've had a good run. No regrets. Never look back.

I looked at my own situation. I am currently in what is literally a life and death struggle with liver disease. I find out just what my prognosis is on 02/26/13. Am I scared? Sure. Anyone that tells you they are not scared when facing their own mortality is a liar or a fool - maybe both.

For me the email sent to Coach Harbaugh boils down to this, never give up. Cherish your family, friends, and above all live your passion. I no longer feel like my life's hand has come from the bottom of the deck. There are people out there that have it a hell of a lot worse than I do or even you. Leave it all on the field, the bandstand or in some cases the P.C. Sometimes you will win and experience great joy and the highest of highs, other times the bitter taste of losing and disappointment will creep in, that is fine.

Just don't let the bad stuff take over. 
Life is not fair but it's not permanent either so make each day special. As Fonzie said in a Happy Day's episode, "You better appreciate what you have now cause you ain't gonna have it forever."