Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Paul Hardcastle VII Trippin - N - Rhythm 2013

I originally stated that I would be taking a respectful pass on Trippin N Rhythm releases but when a friend of mine purchased this disc it was hard to stay true to my original intent.

The A&R guy from the label was not keen on me reviewing the last two Hardcastle releases as he said they were way outside my wheelhouse and he was legitimately afraid I may burn the release in review. The ironic twist is that I reviewed them on my own and found them entertaining, well produced, and for those looking for "chill" music it would probably fit the bill nicely. It would be incredibly easy to simply torch Hardcastle VII with no just cause or sound reasoning and I really can't. Paul Hardcastle fans will love this release as much as any that they have in their current collection. Problem being is Hardcastle VII is simply a rehash of the same beats, lush melodies, and mind numbing programming that are allowing smooth jazz to die a self inflicted death.

A good critic shares his or her perspective allowing the reader to make up their own mind. In the world of smooth jazz this release is destined for greatness. Smooth jazz is simply a world I chose to not inhabit unless the artist is making some significant inroads in to making the music something more than programmed easy listening you play behind school closings.

To elaborate further would be a pointless spinning of my wheels and a waste of your time. If you dig smooth jazz and especially Hardcastle then you have another gem on your hands. If you prefer your jazz with some meat on its bones then keep looking.

4 Stars.