Tuesday, February 26, 2013

News and Notes from @CriticalJazz

It would appear the Iranian government long known for their instability in leadership and documented brutality towards American citizens is a tad miffed at Argo winning Best Picture. While I personally thought the movie was incredibly well put together and in no way was a anti-Iranian or anti-Muslim hit piece, I don't think it was "Best Picture." Below is from a popular Yahoo News Blog concerning the reaction overseas.
From Yahoo and "Pop2It"....
However, USA Today notes that it's not clear which hostages the movie will be about. Barbara Slavin, an expert on Iran, recalls 13 African Americans and women being released, with the hostage-takers claiming they had sympathy for oppressed minorities, and one other who was released due to suffering from multiple sclerosis. (So the Iranians let people that met their criteria for abuse go and then abused white male Americans and they want a pass?)

The director of "The General Staff," Ataollah Salmanian, claims his screenplay is based on eyewitness accounts. He hopes to go into production on the film in 2014, should funding come through. "This film, which will be a big production, should be an appropriate response to the a historic film 'Argo,'" he says.

Keeping with the apparent tit for tat theme it came to my attention that Rich Siegel a supporter of Palestine and the country of Yemen - two third world want to be nations, has contacted publicists in an attempt to persuade them from servicing me and this site. Evidently Mr. Siegel views freedom of expression as a one way street. I now have a statement from one publicist clearly acknowledging his malicious intent in destroying my name and reputation. The flushing noise you hear is his lawsuit going down the drain. I have stated on numerous occasions Siegel can believe as he wishes but to run a review that does not exist that sadly pandered to his minuscule audience is about as unethical as it gets. The only possible reason in my opinion is that it was perhaps the best written piece with the objective on his part to use the work to peddle his propaganda. I have never gone after Siegel with the intent of ruining his livelyhood. As a critic I have strong opinions and do not tolerate the hate speech and venom Siegel has spewed concerning Israel, most people of the Jewish faith and President Obama - a man I did not even vote for.

I will be taking a brief 10 days break towards the end of March as I will be recovering from major surgery. Some reviews may run a little earlier than usual. Some may be a week late. I will be answering personal email hopefully the day after surgery but nothing lengthy. Stay tunes as this information is still being finalized.