Saturday, February 9, 2013

New Release from Motema Jaimeo Brown with special guests.


Jaimeo Brown 
Release Date:  
April 9, 2013
Project Fuses Gee's Bend Quilters Southern Spirituals
with Eastern Indian Music and Electronic Elements,
Under the Umbrella of Acoustic Modern Jazz

With Special Guests 
Geri Allen, Falu, and Kelvin Sholar, Among Others  

Transcendence marks the Motéma Music debut from Jaimeo Brown, a brilliant 34-year-old drummer, composer and conceptualist. With an intriguing amalgam of modern jazz, Southern black spiritual music, East Indian Carnatic music, blues, and hip-hop/electronica production tactics, Transcendence introduces Brown as a fearless renegade - an artist who seeks new pathways for personal musical expression through honoring a deep and broad lineage of musical and cultural traditions.

Brown and his cohorts - acclaimed tenor saxophonist J.D. Allen and GRAMMY®-nominated guitarist and soundscape producer, Chris Sholar - form the nucleus ensemble on this album. The extended lineup includes a rotating cast of notables: pianist Geri Allen; harmonium player Andrew Shantz; East Indian vocalist Falu; avant-jazz keyboardist Kelvin Sholar; Brown's parents, bassist Dartanyan Brown and pianist/flutist, Marcia Miget; Brown's sister, vocalist Marisha Brown; and Brown's 2-year-old daughter, Selah Brown, who makes a charming vocal debut on the song "I Said."

Brown's philosophy of transforming pain and deliverance into art, and the resulting Transcendence, first took root in 2010 while living in the same New Jersey apartment building as J.D. Allen. They forged a spiritual bond through experimentation with various music styles, and shared readings of the Bible. "We were praying and actually supporting each other through the hardships of being a young artist," Brown recalls. During that time, Brown was listening intently to some music that was superimposed over an Eastern Indian tanpura. That music resonated so heavily with Brown that it sparked a creative fire.