Sunday, February 17, 2013

Melvin Taylor Taylor Eleven East Corp 2013

Taylor Made (feat. Melvin Taylor) - EP, Melvin Taylor

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A multi-faceted guitarist that transcends genres and creates his own artistic voice. If there is such a thing of a musical happy place somewhere between "shredding" and virtuoso with the heart of a blues lion tossed in for flavor if not fun then we have Melvin Taylor and his latest Taylor Made which hits the streets on 03/05/13.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Tayor's music is his ability to glide all most effortlessly between genres of jazz, blues, rock and the more soulful attitude that would seem to bind his efforts together with minimal opportunity. Taylor Made is the epitome of what a guitar virtuoso is all about, the sad thing is that in the music business there are still those hung up on "paying your dues" and in doing so miss out on mind blowing talent such as Taylor and his eclectic yet often searing lyrical direction in which his band takes him. Riff and runs have ruined many a good guitarist as they are tagged as a one trick pony, while in the hands of greatest that add to a repetoire of dynamics and versatility that most contemporaries spend an entire career searching for and still wind up rolling a doughnut. Taylor's solo construction is drawn from a myriad of influences such as combining the harmonic exploratory with the lyrical dynamics of such notables as a Wes Montgomery, George Benson and when feeling particularly adventurous let us think Stevie Ray Vaughn for just a moment.

Tayor is a by product of his own cultural D.N.A. Taylor Made is somewhat of a retro album featuring "Do Your Thing" by Issac Hayes but it is this 70's type vibe that is prevalent throughout the recording. Some critics and jazz journalists insist on placing Taylor in the modern jazz idiom but this is the sonic equivalent of placing a square peg in a round hole. The rock edge is well placed, raw and organic but it is the jazz embellishments that separate Taylor from the rest of the pack. Years ago I had the privilege of meeting the late Roy Buchanan who had been voted best unknown jazz guitarist. Should they take that vote over again then my guy feeling has Melvin Taylor with an easy win.

4 out of 5 Stars!

Tracks: Whenever I See You; Blue Moon; Heartache; Beneath The Sunset; Do Your Thing; Time out.

Personnel" Melvin Taylor: guitar, rhythm guitar and vocals; Melvin Taylore: bass guitar; Rick Jones: keyboards; Lou Dupont: drums; Bernell Anderson: vocals (Heartache).

A 2010 You Tube Video....Albert King's "Born Under A Bad Sign."

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