Monday, February 4, 2013

Grace Kelly Sweet Sweet Baby Woodward Ave. 2013

 Here you see the cover of the latest single from Grace Kelly on Woodward Ave. Records. This twenty year old saxophone phenom has been turning heads for several years and this single with video not only makes for the perfect Valentine's Day gift but for me is the perfect way to find a smile at the end of a most annoying week and I'm sure it will work for you as well.

Originally released on Kelly's Man With The Hat disc, I picked this single when released last year as one of the top female vocal tracks for the year. Every critic loves being right and I am certainly no exception. But enough about me, enjoy one of the most talented musicians across any genre and her latest video and just a really cool song to boot!

Kelly has recently joined the Woodward Ave. label so look for some incredible new music from her in the near future. Guitarist Paul Brown is heavily involved with Woodward Ave. so the possibilities are endless.

Personnel: Grace Kelly: vocals, saxophone; Alain Mallet: rhodes; Mike Bono: guitar; Duke Levine: slide guitar; Spencer Stewart: bass; Eric Law: cello; Gabe Smith: drums; John Nellen: tabla; Vishall Nayak: high hat.