Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Eddie Vedder Into The Wild Soundtrack J Records 2007

Music for the Motion Picture Into the Wild(jpeg via and not a direct link)

I like to take the sonic road less traveled. Pushing musical boundaries as well as buttons. I probably reveal far too much information on a personal level but the understanding and connection of and to music can be a deeply personal thing. My spirituality if you will. I've made the occasional foray into popular music with releases of note from ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin and the blues of the great Tab Benoit. Feeling somewhat melancholy these days and looking for something that can tug at an emotional heart string while keeping the music as stripped down and as raw as possible I stumbled into Eddie Vedder and Into The Wild.

Into The Wild is the sonic equivalent of a wet dream for a Pearl Jam fan. Having grown up with alternative rock and being one of the first announcers in the country to break R.E.M's first album, I was looking for songwriting ability and willing to let the musical chips fall where they may. Vedder may be the closest the next generation ever gets to a modern day Jim Morrison. This is essentially a solo acoustic project where Vedder shares the secrets of his artistic soul and challenges the listener to think but more importantly to feel. The soundtrack to the movie Into The Wild is stunning in its simplicity yet ferociously complex from a lyrical perspective. This release requires your undivided attention and perhaps a second listen for some that may be expecting a Pearl Jam record.

Vedder sounds somewhat free on this release while still using the rough baritone voice with the skill of a master. Vocalist of the year? Never happen...The best modern day story teller across both the rock, country, and blues genres? A legitimate case could be made with this release as these are far from the programmed ear candy that is pumped out on a nauseatingly consistent basis from some acts. These are anthems, tales and stories of the inner struggles of a man and his view of life and the ability to embrace the adventure within himself.