Saturday, February 2, 2013

Eberhard Weber Resume ECM 2013

I previously stated I would not be reviewing ECM material due to time constraints however after tweaking my work load and receiving the majority of my work from Independent artists in Europe, guess who has a little free time? I have very little free time but this particular release caught my attention. An odd conceptual release even for ECM finds bassist Eberhard Weber and his specially tuned electric bass taking solos from various concerts as far back as 1990 and reworking these solos into individual pieces. The end result for me is a musical hodgepodge seemingly lacking in specific direction and the harmonic variations taken over 25 years are so varied in scope that while the word virtuoso comes to mind and so does the word hodgepodge.

Don't get me wrong, this release is not bad. However it would not hold up well if compared to the latest from Bill Laswell whose background is as equally as varied. Taste being subjective it is easy to say without reservation that ECM fans will or at least should flock to this release in large numbers. Fans of the electric bass have a wide variety from which to choose be it Bill Laswell or the Italian virtuoso Lorenze Feliciati.

A familiar cast of characters makes their appearance but the release is overall somewhat forgettable thanks to the notion that one can make a 31 year old tune new again. Plastic surgeons can make people appear younger but the reality is their chronological age remains a constant while changing yearly. Resume is more of a hybrid greatest hits release for the 65 year old Weber and similar to Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. It isn't a bad little record, all it needs is a little love. My ambivalence will allow me to give it 3 stars, average at best.

Track Listing: Liezen; Karlsruhe; Heidenheim; Santiago; Wolfsburg; Amsterdam; Marburg; Tübingen; Bochum; Bath; Lazise; Grenoble

Personnel: Eberhard Weber: bass, keyboards; Jan Garbarek: soprano saxophone (8), tenor saxophone (6, 10), selje flute (10); Michael DiPasqua: drums and percussion (9, 11).