Monday, February 4, 2013

Brad Goode Chicago Red Origin 2013

Chicago RedBrad Goode swings hard yet has developed into a master craftsman not bound by convention or style. Sonic innovation as an international jazz collective play off Goode's warmth and intimate compositions to do their own exploratory into poly tonal chord cycles. Form and functionality of tradition are pushed aside much in the same fashion as Woody Shaw did forty years prior. Despite what many would consider an unorthodox approach of working in multiple chord cycles simultaneously, Goode is able to lay down an eclectic groove that in indicative of a team effort and not the more traditional trumpet player that stands in front of the mic like a potted plant with the goal of simply pealing the paint off the back wall. Chicao Red which hits the streets on 02/19/13 is an album of layered texture. No one voice over powers another. A collective groove.

The collective is made up of Ghanian drummer Paa Kow, Brazilian bassist Bijoux, Lebanese percussionist Rony Barrak, guitarist Bill Kooper and keyboardist Jeff Jenkins. Long story short is that after performing for over a quarter of a century Goode continues to push the envelope. There is a dissonance or dynamic tension that is oddly pleasing as the progressions played by say the guitarist and bass player weave in and around each other giving a deceptively subtle effect of two tunes played at the same time. But enough basic theory...

Combine the ethnic diversity of the band with the mad groove of the classic W.C. Handy tune St. Louis Blues then with the right players you have some as special as Chicago Red. Featuring eight Goode originals we have one that is a particular stand out in "Intervallistic" which is a tip of the musical if not melodic cap worn by Eddie Harris. A fearless player, Goode includes a bravura jazz translation of "Vesti La Giubba" from I Pagliacci, on which he improvises the form of the entire aria which is a feat that would have even the very best players running for cover.

After a serious lip injury and some help from the great Clark Terry in tweaking his technique, Goode spends the majority of his time as Associate Professor of Jazz Studies at the University of Colorado. Chicago Red has been well worth the wait and it is plain to see there is plenty of gas left in the tank! Incredibly entertaining!

4 stars plus! Origin has an amazing stable of talent that never fails to deliver the goods!

Tracks: What Happens In Space City; Know What I'm Saying?; St Louis Blues; Chicago Red; Intervallistic; Vesti La Giubba; Mambo Disonante; If Spirals Had Corners; All Fall Down; Cats In The Yard.

A 2010 Interview via You Tube.