Sunday, February 17, 2013

Beta Pater Red B&B Records 2013

Beata Pater: Red

Rarely if ever do I read the work of other writers but in searching for the album jpeg I stumbled across C. Michael Bailey's review of Beata Pater's Red...

Is it a bad review? No. In fact we hold relatively close to the same opinion. My chuckle came in that ECM records will dictate to certain publications when releases will post and I was even told "we" never post the week before release...The street date for this gem is April 02, 2013 meanwhile hundreds of artists releasing records at the same time are taking a back seat thanks to a policy that seems to flip flop more than Sen. John Kerry or President Obama combined. So why am I reviewing it so early? One hospital trip, some surgery and being my own site I call my own shots. So let us get to the release in question.

The follow up to "Blue" finds Pater reinventing some standard fare utilizing her voice not as the lead instrument as with Blue but instead as part of the effervescent hooks and grooves sprinkled throughout this most engaging release. Herbie Hancock's "Butterfly" and Freddie Hubbard's "Red Clay" are two standards tossed in a mixed grill of what Pater does best. As a vocal musical chameleon Pater can fit in or fill any genre whole and transcend the norm from mundane and predictable to somewhat "artsy" while full of meaning full expression. For some the question, "Sounds like?" comes into play and while artistic comparisons are for the most part inherently unfair lets say in the case Flora Purim meets Cheryl Bentyne (before her pipes finally crapped out on her). Vocally Pater is not really cutting new ground here until we start talking about her original compositions and her place within the band she has assembled.

At the end of Bailey's review, he made Pater sound like a gimmick with a pulse. I will not pass critical judgement on an artist this early in her career. There is a definite growth from Blue to Red and this is an indication of where she is headed artistically then Pater can expect a long and highly successful career. My editorial policy is still the same, when I hear it then you will hear about it and not from multiple writers from the same source. I want to give you the information you require to make an informed decision on whether or not the artist is right for you. An arbitrary time frame that is not going to be lived up to is pointless but then again this is the same publication that allowed one individual to attempt a cyber jihad that blew  up in their face.

Beata Pater gets 4.5 Stars. The future of vocal jazz is in good hands!

Tracks: Butterfly; Ahmar; Bachnova; Sir Doug of Edwards; Big Red; Bis Lady Carmen; Praise; Rainy Bombay; Red Clay; Tragic Beauty; Vermelho.

Personnel: Beata Pater: vocals & violin; Mark Little: keys; Aaron Germain: bass; Andre Bush: guitar; Darius Babazadeh: sax, flute; Ranzel Merritt: drums; Raul Ramirez: percussion; Carl Lockett: guitar; Celia Malheiros: guitar; Kush Khanna: tabla; Tom Peron: trumpet; Buca Necak: Contrabass; Doug Edwards: voice.

A 2012 You Tube Clip from a different recording.