Thursday, February 28, 2013

American Idol...Swing and a Miss?

I'll let you decide the fate of the show from last night...Having worked for Idol on Season 8, I have an admitted bias. But...last night reconfirmed why I rarely if ever take a serious look at pop artists. Bad song selection, dudes that could not find pitch with a road map, and a show that while slightly revamped seems to be drawing attention but for all the wrong reasons.

American Idol is, has and will forever be a cultural phenomenon in the annals of pop music but all good things come to an end. It seemed like audience favorites were shown the door quickly as weird for the sake of being weird ruled the day. Don't get me started on what I refer to as the "screamers." I am all for freedom of expression and individuality but is just a little talent too much to ask for? The female singer from Liberia with what all most looked like a clown wig on was enough reason to power nap as this show came to a merciful end. I admit I was wrong but only to a small degree on four judges causing a problem, they are not helping but the total lack of talent and the wasted time and potential plastic of any recording the remaining contestants put out is mind numbing at best.

The growing tedium took annoying to the next level when one female judge who seems to think this may in fact be "her" show seemed to attempt to make the final decisions for all parties. One judge seemed to like everyone except a dude that did a riff on a song that same judge wrote while another may be better served back in the studio. The other female judge simply sat there like a potted plant. I don't think names are necessary. Granted it was two hours of my life I will never get back and now I am seriously starting to wonder just how much gas this show has left in the tank. Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, and the up and coming Casey Abrams are the only people that come to mind that are something more than just a musical footnote.

Is Idol doing music any favors or is it simply a cash cow that is being milked for no real purpose.

I will leave that up to you. My love for just about every form of music with the exception of pop has just deepened. Where is Eddie Vedder when you need him?