Monday, January 21, 2013

Tom Wopat I've Got Your Number LML 2012

If the name Tom Wopat doesn't ring a bell how about the hit television show Dukes of Hazard? Long after the show Wopat expanded his horizons with additional television work, Broadway and yes - even music. Normally when an actor turns to music it is often due to acting gigs drying up but this is not Wopat's first gitty up behind the microphone and the professional and highly entertaining release here is proof positive there is an exception to every rule.

I've Got Your Number is Wopat's eighth recording and is set for release on 02/12/13. Wopat is also featured in the critically acclaimed Quentin Tarrantino movie Django Unchained so to say Tom Wopat has a full plate would be the classic undersell. "Normally" someone in Wopat's position would do a standards record, grab his check and move on to the next gig. While I hate to label artists and their craft without a personal one on one, I've Got Your Number makes me long for a martini and fine cigar. I've Got Your Number is a satisfying fusion of old jazz, classic swing, and organic pop tunes all translated with tremendous jazz sensibilities.

The big band sound and skillful reharms of some standards such as "Call Me" and "Born To Be Blue" are straight from the Great American Songbook. The diversity of the tunes extends to some pop tunes translated with spot on jazz sensibilities including Paul Simon's "The Afterlife" and the Bruce Springsteen gem "Meeting Across The River." Wopat's riff on this eclectic mix is spot on and the big band arrangement take on back to some of the great Vegas entertainers and venues like the Tropicana back in the '60's and '70's.

Tom Wopat transcends genre and puts the "E" back in entertainer. A rich and expressive baritone voice that demonstrates flexibility, great phrasing and wonderful timing as Wopat works with the band instead of morphing into a potted plant with a great back up band. I've Got Your Number is simply another notch in the great career of a classic entertainer.

Tracks: I've Got Your Number; The Good Life; Meeting Across The River; Summer Dress; Devil May Care; The Folks Who Live On The Hill; Call Me; The Afterlife; Since You Asked; Born To Be Blue; I Still Feel That Way; Secret O'Life; I Won't Dance; Here We Are Again.