Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Summarily Dismissed To Each! Laureniac Song 2013

The Summarily Dismissed I have often said that sometimes a second or even third spin of a new release is necessary to try and grab a handle on where the artist is coming from. More often than not a debut release does have to grow "on you" while the debut release from The Summarily Dismissed grows "with you." To begin, I'll give the cover art 5 stars right out of the box Jason Messinger at hits a walk off home run with this impressionistic gem that fits hand in glove with the musical contents contained within. Ari Shagal is a brilliant composer with an incredibly bright future!

So....sounds like? Logical but I have that question none the less so allow me to give it a shot. Take Todd Rundgren, Laura Nyro, and add just a touch of Donald Fagan for flavor and you are getting awfully close. The soprano voice of Ferima Faye combined with the baritone of Matthew Lomeo work together with a synergy not heard in some time. Add producer/guitarist Joe Davi and bassist Pat O'Leary and this band is tight. I would be remiss if not mentioning Eric Halvorson on drums and stellar jazz vocalist Kenny Washington. Flavor? Toss in some off the hook conga and bongo work by percussionist Nydia Mata (former member of Laura Nyro's band) and you start taking sonic intensity to places you may thought you would never go.

I was took a shot at an artist for referring to his music as manic jazz, classical and of all things bluegrass. While I stand by that remark, The Summarily Dismissed is much more of an amalgam of jazz, pop, and soul with ingenious word play. Some artists attempting this type of hybrid would crash and burn before the second track. The odd thing here is that while I would personally refer to this as alternative jazz - it simply gets better with each spin.

Bad tunes? You would have to look long hard and deep to find something that did not strike your fancy and that would be taking hyper-critical to the next level. There are a plethora of influences here from Gil Evans to Sade and the brilliance of this release is that everything comes together in a cohesive fashion to give one the feel of a small jazz orchestra at times.

One of the most impressive releases for 2013, well thought out and finely crafted. This one is easy.

5 Stars!