Tuesday, January 15, 2013

National Gun Appreciation Day...

Part of my New Years resolution is to limit commentary on certain issues outside of music, this is not one of them.

On Jan. 19th 2013 the National Rifle Association is sponsoring gun appreciation day. Understand this, I back the second amendment 100% and am not in favor of gun control. I am in favor of judges doing their jobs and having the punishment fit the crime. The United States Federal Government has no more right to tell me what type of gun I can LEGALLY own then it does telling me how much money I can make or should be able to get by on as the Obama Administration is on record as stating.

So my issue? The timing of this event due to Sandy Hook in particular could not be worse. Gun ownership is far more than a right but it is a responsibility and with this comes a need for education and on going training for all citizens that legally own firearms. As an Independent Conservative and at times a cock-eyed optimist there would seem to be little chance of the Obama Administration disarming the population. Basic math is the reason, they are simply out numbered.

While Obama continues to enjoy lame duck status and rule by "executive order" there are rumors coming out of Washington that Obama will attempt to pass some sort of legislation allowing him a possible third term. This is equally as troubling if not more so than National Gun Appreciation Day. Our country has moved left of center and clearly lost the path to freedom thanks to career politicians that are simply out for themselves and their own self interests. Hopefully the N.R.A. can use their event as an educational tool to clearly define not only their message but the need for education and responsibility. Sandy Hook is an event that should never be forgotten but consider these points. Whether the shooter had a semi automatic rifle or a single shot weapon, there was no one there armed and in a position to stop him. Virtue, morality, and the general kindness to others can not be legislated. I used a semi automatic weapon to stop a home invasion. The invasion was unsuccessful thanks to the fact that my gun was bigger than his.

This is not about politics and to turn the issue into a political football is further proof that little by little our individual liberty is being pulled from us thanks to the rule by executive order of President Obama. If you own a weapon, use the 19th as a day for education, training and encourage your fellow citizens to do the same.