Sunday, January 20, 2013

David White KickStarter 02/01/13

The DAVID WHITE JAZZ ORCHESTRA will record their second studio album featuring nine original compositions by David White.
  • Launched: Jan 1, 2013
  • Funding ends: Feb 5, 2013

When I said that 2013 my attention would turn to the Independent artist. One of the most talented composer/arrangers working the jazz orchestra side of the street is David White. Kick starter helps artists with fund raising when major or mid major labels are unable to do so..."show me the money!"

White is the poster boy for the type of artist I refer to, an artist that has more talent and creative energy then some of his contemporaries twenty years his senior. I have included the link to find out more about donating. Let us face facts, times are still hard and only seem to be getting worse. Don't confuse a record label with a bank and don't think NPR will coming riding in to save the day as they would have to borrow a horse to do it...Artists such as White that focus on original music and pushing the music forward need your help. This is money and time well spent. If I were not unemployed I would happily contribute but instead I  am more than happy to hopefully drive some traffic his way. I may have reviewed a dozen big band/jazz orchestra ensembles over the last two years and thanks to White's original music it is easy to put him in the top two or three of artists that devote their time to a somewhat forgotten genre. I know David as a face book friend and I know how much he appreciates the help.