Friday, December 14, 2012

Yelena Eckemoff Trio Glass Song L & H Production 2013

Mark your calendar...

While Yelena Eckemoff's Glass Song does not street until 02/19/13, you simply do not want to miss it. This trio recording includes the amazing bassist Arild Andersen whose critically acclaimed work with ECM highlights their catalog. Legendary drummer Peter  Erskine rounds out the trio and a recording that redefines beauty into another dimension of sound and soul.

I try and shy away from musical frames of reference but for the uninitiated the sound is classical oriented jazz improvisation. The pristine sound would perhaps be best described as the finest Windham Hill and ECM recordings coming together. L & H Production is doing amazing work in the marketing and distribution of this recording which was produced by Eckemoff. Going out on a limb would be the classic undersell to tell you this may be the finest piano trio you will ever hear in modern jazz. Glass Song is somewhat conceptual in nature with an underlying beauty of winter turning into spring and Eckemoff's glorious transformation of sound into another dimension allows you to experience this phenomenon first hand.

Three voices merging as one with a synergy of sound and silence that moves with an ebb and flow of new life emerging from old. Jazz and classical taking the spiritual road less traveled in the shimmering "Sunny Day In The Woods." With a deft touch and lyrical sensitivity we have "Sweet Dreams" which showcases the trio dialed back a tad but reaching that three dimensional sonic depth of field I so often refer to. This stellar recording opens with "Melting Ice" which is where the harmonic transformation of melodic flow opens the changing season. Subtle nuances of intimate wonder cascade from the participants like ice dripping from the trees. Closing the recording the harmonic exploratory of the minor "March Rain" creates a dynamic tension of spatial wonder and a forward progression of purpose.

A sublime experience to be savored. Three incredible voices join as one to transform the spirit of the compositions to a level of intimacy and beauty rarely heard. Yelena Eckemoff gives a stunning performance and the genius of both Arild Andersen and Peter Erskine are the perfect compliment.

Tracks: Melting Ice; Glass Song; Cloud Break; Polarity; Dripping Icicles; Sweet Dreams; Whistle Song; Sunny Day In The Woods; Elegy; March Rain.

Personnel: Yelena Eckemoff: piano; Arild Andersen: double bass; Peter Erskine: drums.