Friday, December 28, 2012 web safety rating
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Thus far I have received an an rating which is a 5 for safety and confidentiality of information which loosely means - I don't track you unless you violate the terms of service of google or violate my intellectual copyright and then it would be how they say - "game on." Violate the terms of service of google and I simply block your silly psycho babble as I should . Violate my civili rights and give your heart to God as your ass will no longer belong to you. I received a perfect score of 100/100 and have been deemed "safe" by one of the more reputable monitoring systems in the business. The links I provide have been deemed accurate, trustworthy and totally honest. I wanted to share this honor and information with those taking their valuable time to read my publication - it is truly appreciated. Meanwhile....somewhere Rich Siegel is crying to All About Jazz about how mean I am. Hate the game my friend, don't hate the player.
Close to 4000 recommend me on google and over 7k on face book....Not bad.